Zilke Farm Kitchen Opening Soon

We are getting closer and closer to opening day. The drywall crew was in again today, finishing the neat cuts around the plumbing and venting, nailing corner bead, and taping and mudding. Tom and I have pitched in for various construction tasks along this route, but willingly passed on this step to Budd’s crew! I still do end-of-day clean up after the crew leaves each day – it’s almost like putting my baby to bed for the night, readying her for the new day.

There is still so much to be done as we approach final approvals – certainly there are the various construction projects (flooring, suspended ceiling tiles, installing sinks and light switches) but the other list of to-do’s becomes more urgent as the date becomes closer. My project list has been in place for months, but some of the action dates have been waiting for the time to be right.

Today I worked again with our web page developer on hosting platform, plug-ins, content, online links, and more. I am still trying to get my custom phone number from AT&T – anyone who has entered the vortex of utility customer service knows my pain! It’s time to purchase paint for walls and fixtures, and to get those display fixtures painted. I’m still collecting and testing recipes. Computer hardware and programs need purchasing, and very soon, installing, and promptly, training for staff. I’m marketing – on facebook, on the Lucy Ann Lance radio show, in every conversation I have with everyone I talk to – and creating long term marketing plans. I’ve got kitchen equipment and display refrigerators and retail décor stored all over the place: in my living room, the barn, the farmstand, on trailers behind the new place, inside the place (in the way of all the workers!) plus I’ve got paid-for equipment still not picked up until I can move it in. And more, and more, and more…

Feels a little overwhelming at times.

But then, I think about the day we open, and just how nice the new place will look, and how this big little project of mine will support my friends, neighbors, and community in so many ways, and the feelings of an overly-long to-do list morph right back into excitement and energy. We really ARE just a few weeks away to being ready for licensing and then opening. And I am BEYOND EXCITED!