Ah, January.

Ah, January.

It's a new year. Some of us feel energized by new resolve, new goals, new plans. Some of us find the shortened day lengths and oft-dreary weather tough.

I feel both, regularly.

Bright colors and brighter flavors still permeate our Kitchen, despite the gray days. We've got a new lineup of protein-packed salads like Citrus Lime Quinoa and Black Bean Salad that's a riot of colors with a freshness I crave in cold winter months. Farmers like us spend our deep dark hours perusing seed catalogs, and just seeing pages and pages of luscious tomatoes is a boost in mood. The captivating photos and descriptions of flavors make me yearn to replace our hearty winter menu of root crops and grains with fresh salads and grilled everything.

Yet, there is still a real comfort in creating warm, sustaining meals built around the sturdiness of carrots and potatoes. Our meal kits of late feature plenty of carrots, onions, cheeses, beans and pastas, the staples of winter foods. Even our ready-to-heat line is filled with dense and satisfying flavors and textures: pot pies, lasagnas, stuffed squashes, pasties, mac and cheese, meatloaf and mashed potatoes, and hearty soups.

So - hang in there, with us. Add brightness to your day in vegetables. Dream of sun-ripened tomatoes and fresh basil. Cook a nourishing meal filled with nutritious food and love. Stop in to visit - community connection is good for all of us. And take care of yourself.